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Wine is the most favoured and most popular drink worldwide. There can be hardly found a state where the people are not familiar with this amazing drink. Every civilization is familiar with the drink. The drink is most famous because of the intoxicating effect it has. The reason behind its intoxicating effect is the presence of alcohol. Wine is an alcoholic drink. Throughout the ages, this particular drink is in vogue because of the intoxicating effect. Even in the present days, wine is used for this sole purpose the wine is nothing but a drink that is made by the fermented grapes; although there is another player in the scene. Yeast plays one of the main functions in the whole reaction. Yeast consumes the sugar in the fermented grapes and then turns them into sugar. This is the method as to how alcohol comes in the wine in the first place.


The classification of the wines:

There are many types of wines available in the market. The wines are classified as per the grape variations. But in the European countries, wines are classified as per the region basis. There are some terms in the wine world that can only be used by the certified permission from the government. Among the various types of the wines, the Cape Town Wines are placed in the front row with the other best wines. The wine farms cape town are the abode of the best wine grapes in the world. This is why the wines of that place are so much demanded in the whole world.


The wine farms:

The wine farms are also known as vineyard. The vineyard is the place where the grapes are being produced for the purpose of production of wine. But there are other purposes also served by the grapes. The grapes are also used in the production of raisin, and other non-alcoholic drinks. There are many prominent vineyards in the province of South Africa. But the Wine Farms Cape Town is among the best ones. The wine farms can be often categorized as per the geological and the geographical characteristics. The wines made in those farms are exotic in every aspect that can be put to view the wine qualities. The wines excel the other competitors in the market by the sheer number of its popularity.


The most famous among the Cape Town wines is the Pinotage 2009. It is one of the best wines ever made. The typical feature of this wine is the rich colour combination and the stupefying flavour of the wine is the main staple characteristics. The main compositions of the wine are the sweet berries and the vanilla spice. There are a lot of complex herbs that have also been mixed into the wine to make it more attractive. The other wines are the Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2010, the Chenin 2011 and the Sauvignon Blanc 2011. All of the mentioned wines are exemplary in their own fashion. They are stylistic in colouration and fantastic in the purpose they fulfil.