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The wine:

Wine is the most popular drink in the whole world.  Wine is made of the fermented grapes and some other fruits. Wine is an alcoholic drink.  There are different variations of wine found in the market. The variations caused by the complex reactions that take place along with the different bio-chemical elements. However, there is considerable human intervention involved in the production of different types of wine. However the main chemical reactor is the yeast.  This liquid is a psychoactive drug. In the current days, wine is used as an intoxicating liquid. This has been the use of wine from the very earlier days.


The wine distribution company:

The Wine Distributors serve the best lead role in the wine business. They are the ones who cater the wines to the hand of individuals. They serve as the middleman between the wine producing company and the normal people. Winery is the place the wine is made. One wine company can have a lot of winery under their command. But without the wine distributers, the production of wine does not have any point. So, the wine distributors are one of the main elements in chain that stretches from winery to persons.


Before a deal is signed between a winery and a wine distribution company, there are certain factors that should be evaluated by the both parties.  The first thing that the wine distributors make sure is the production capability of the winery. The distributors think the possibility that if they find a bigger market later on, then if the winery can provide the required amount of wine. The distributors need to be sure about this fact before they sign a deal. If the winery is not a large one, then there is a slight problem that can be taken care of pretty easily. The winery has to be flexible while signing a deal with the distributors. The negotiation should be on such terms that they can get a better deal.


The types of the wines:

The Western Cape Wines are among the best ones in the whole world. The wines are great in their respect. They are extremely popular also. There are many types of wines that the distributers distribute to the wine shops. There is Cabernet Sauvington Merlot 2010. This is a quality wine and extremely popular on its own accord. The fragrance is fantastic. The colour is also praise worthy. This is a blend of blackcurrant and ripe palm.  Another one is the Chenin Blanc 2011. This is also a popular wine. This wine consists of rich tropical fruits and some other materials. The main element is the guava. The next in the line is the Sauvington Banc 2011. This wine is specially made for the warm days. The wine is made of several items like nuts, cheese and recently caught fishes.  The last in the line is the Pinotage 2009. This is also another example of marvellous wines in among the Western Cape ines. This wine is the mixture of rich various herbs and vanilla spice.