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Matthew John San Giorgio
10 Parklands Main road, Parklands,
Cape Town,

021 557 1595

schengen visa

Schengen Visas

And British Visas

At Your Fingertips

UK Visa was built up by a squad of experts with skill as Clearance Officers from diverse embassies. The goalof the company is to support people drifting overseas whether it is for business purpose or for simply pleasure.


The group works carefully together on solutions and methods that will help their customers to safeguard that the progression is stress free. The company also offer weekend, after hour’ s maintenance and go the extra mile in ensuring that their clients are given the best service right from the word go.


The company’s dedicated team come well prepared and they have much experience over the years to understand every need of our clients. Through this experience, the company has gained valuable information, thus providing any sort of answers to any cases given to UK Visa.


Their main office is in Cape Town with Client Consultants present in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.


The Services  

The company is able to offer you the most professional and friendly service in this industry with all kinds of Points Based System applications and matters regarding citizenship. After a basic assessment, if the company thinks that the basis on which the clients are seeking leave to enter the United Kingdom has little or no realistic chance of success, the company will tell you instantly. If they are to progress with the client’s application the company will then converge to a fee structure, which is applicable for the client’s situation. The company treats the enquiries and the talks between their clients and themselves as strictly confidential.


  • The company does visa applications for different countries
  • Their client consultants have experience as Entry Clearance Officers from various Embassies.
  • It offers after hour support.
  • Weekend support on a Saturday(9am to 12pm)


They Specialize in the Countries Below


Individual Applications

The main categories of persons who are eligible for british visa on an individual basis are present in the deed of Immigration Rules HC395.The company has great experience and expertise across the whole range of Immigration categories including those not specifically covered in the said deed. There are numeric Immigration classes where discretion may be used outside of Immigration Rules. Using their background the company can advise as to whether you may fall into one of these categories. The company strongly recommends that you contact them to discuss your situation.


The Charges

The company accepts only cases, which they think have a practical opportunity of success. After a basic assessment they will agree on a fee structure applicable to your application. They have the right to charge for the amount of time spent attending appointments to discuss situations beyond the scope of a basic assessment. Certain types of service have fixed charges. After a basic assessment, the company will(on request), provide the client with an estimate of the probable total cost processing his application and will agree an arrangement and method of payment for completion.


The company accepts payment by either Banker's Cheque or Banker's Transfer.