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Western Cape Wines

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Cape Town Wines

Cape Town and the surrounding Cape region are internationally recognized for their panoramic vineyards, award-winning wines and the winemaking art. Smart vibes, smart friends and Good food merit nice wines at affordable price and all the wine making farms are engaged in search of best quality fruity wine. All the Western Cape Wines are generous, juicy and fresh, comes with packed fruit and priced for sharing liberally. What you only need to do is that add some ice to mouthwatering wine and relish it sitting by a fire; regardless of the occasion, certify you retain your cellar stocked with for sociable. Wine drinking becomes much more social by Laska Wines.


Cape Town Wines offer a wide range of Western Cape Wines from the heart of the Wine Farms in Cape Town. Cape Town Wines are perfect for any social gathering, wedding, dinner and lunch with family or friends; even it is ideal to spend a day ideally sitting along the pool. Its cooling effect refreshes you in hot summer days. Most of the Wine Farms Cape Town accounts for major wines production in the country. Since the territories and vine growing conditions are widely varied in this huge region, it has introduced several varietal potentialities and different production styles. Wine Farms Cape Town is expert in preparing wine following both the old and new method of wine preparation due to international influences.


Wines are available in wide variety such as Chenin Blanc, the one Pinotage, Sauvignon Blanc and many more. The characteristics of wines are as follows:


  • youthful
  • crispy
  • light
  • rich in tropical fruit
  • sometimes come with vanilla spice and a complexity of herbs
  • Excellent color extraction


You may be a wine lover or not but every year huge people come here to visualize breathtaking panoramic beauty, majestic mountain backdrops as well as history and rich culture. Quaint Cape Dutch homesteads and Rolling vineyards are waiting to greet you with warm welcome. In addition to this award-wining Wine Farms Cape Town offers a wide range of best wines of the country. There are different regions in wine lands; each region has their own wine routes that offer their specialty wines. There are many Wine Distributors who work both domestically and internationally to spread the fame of the Western Cape Wines to the rest of the world.


You can enjoy crisp and energetic taste of Sauvignon Blanc in hot summer days sitting beside a pool or within the cool area. Crisp, tasteful tropical fruit lingers the after sensation. You can enjoy its salty flavors with gently salty foods like creamy goat’s cheese, freshly caught fish, nuts, turkey cooked in a rich berry coulis sauce and roasted fillet of game meat; it is an ideal picnic wine. One can enjoy the aesthetic beauty of different wine farms through cellar tours, Wine tasting and stopping and it would take almost a day and more than that. Therefore, all the wine estates have arranged some tourist orientated plans that include gift shops, guided tours, and restaurants. You can end up your day by sitting in a rustic cellar with wine maker and sip your favourite wine.