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Venetian blinds Cape Town

Various Forms Of

Available Venetian Blinds

Cape Town

The venetian Blinds are typical window blinds made of wood which provide shade. Such blinds a can serve the dual need of grill and curtain. Though it cannot provide the security which metallic grills can but it can act as the substitute of curtain.


Style and Usage

Multiple styles and designs on are available in Venetian blinds Cape Town . Most Venetian Blinds are shaped rectangular which easily gets fit into the window structure. There is no fixed format, so customization of size and shape is available. Colour of wood can be chosen to suit the interior designing needs. In venetian blinds one can regulate the amount of light and air entering the room or house. With the help of vertical stands in the middle of horizontal slats the window can be opened partially by preserving the privacy.



Vertical blinds cape town is mostly made of varieties Oak. Faux wood venetian blinds are actually made of plastics. Vertical blinds are also available. The shape of blinds comes in different sizes. The width of the window is commonly 25mm, 35 mm and 50 mm but it can be more. Height starts from 16mm and can be as big as 120mm. Bamboo is trending high among customers. Venetian Blind is commonly used in residents but if you want your office space to be a stylish one you can install them there also. 


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