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Compliance certificates Cape Town

Compliance Certificates

Cape Town: Accreditation

From A Legal Authority

A certificate of compliance is something that every manufacturer or supplier would need with respect to the goods and/or service that it provides. However, it is not for suppliers only, but is essential and issued for buildings and construction areas too. Generally, a certificate of compliance means that the service, building or whatever it is given to fulfills (complies with) the rules and regulations with respect to which the certificate is issued.


Compliance certificates Cape Town can be had depending on what kind do you need. For instance, a building may require a compliance certificate for its plumbing services. The first step to do so is to book an inspection from the same with an authority competent to deliver the compliance criteria. This inspection is done at a specific cost. The certificate is issued, without any additional charges, if the installation of the plumbing is compliant. However, in case any repairs are needed, then the authority itself may quote those repairs to you, and upon your acceptance, carry them out. Once that is done, you would then be issued a compliance certificate without any further charge.


A compliance certificate adds credibility and proof of the fact that a building or any product is at par with a specific set of guidelines. This helps them get credibility from the customer’s point of view and the inspection helps assess the quality of work/service given or provided by them. Thus, if you require Compliance certificates Cape Town, then do make sure that you get the same only from a trusted authority on the same.