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Spit Braai Cape Town

The Signature Dish

Spit Braai Cape Town

Spit Braai is the classic South African delicacy in all over the country. The tradition of Braai is also present in Zimbabwe, Namibia,  Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, and Zambia .Celebrations are incomplete without having a lamb Spit Braai.


What is Spti Braai

In Afrikaans language the word braai means “grilled meat”.

English speaking people of South Africans took up the word in their vocabulary which generally refers to “barbecue” or “grill” or the equipment of cooking. Most popular spit braai meat is lamb meat. Spit is a rotating devise where meat is slowly roasted over open fire. For such cooking a two feet high enclosed ‘U’ shaped structure made of brick, blocks or earthen mound is need which will guard the fire from wind.  The meat is skewered with six feet pin in case of whole lamb.    Commercial braai equipments are widely available but costly. They use electric gas, charcoal etc. Catering companies offer good quality spit braai prepared in rotisseries. Use of timber and charcoal is also in vogue.


Preparing Braai

Spit Braai Cape Town menu mostly consist of boerewors, kebabs, sosaties, marinated chicken, pork and steaks, lamb chops,  sausages and racks of spareribs. Rock Lobster and Fish are all the rage in coastal areas. Burgundy wine olive oil, garlic, onion salt Worchester sauce, black paper, white wine dried oregano, butchers twine etc are popular ingredients of meat marinade. A vegetable salad and porridge are the traditional served as side dish with braai. Vegetable braai is also gaining popularity for health conscious and vegetarian people. In public gatherings braai is normally cooked by men as per the social norms.


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