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Matthew John San Giorgio
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Commercial Window Cleaning

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At Its Best

Ashton and Co. is a window cleaning company and they are the best in the business. When the business was started, they had a few clients whom the company had to persuade to try them by the word of mouth. However, the clients trusted them and they never ever got disappointed as they received exactly whatever they were supposed to get and even more than that. Now, over the years the company’s client list goes on increasing. The client list includes some eminent personalities from different fields of excellence.


The reason why this company have become this popular is mainly their work efficiency and new advanced techniques. The workers and cleaners are well trained and are efficient in their work. They keep on developing new methods of window cleaning for satisfying our clients more and more.


We all know how we like to see our homes and offices having newly shining big windows through which we can see the world outside. To keep the windows worth looking through you need to clean and polish it now and then. A tiresome work, isn’t it? So make this gruesome work easy you need to contact the best window cleaning company and that is- Ashton and Co.


The features of window cleaning provided by Ashton & Co. are:-

  • Newly developed techniques for even better window cleaning
  • Best quality cleaning tools and equipments are used by the workers of the company
  • The workers are well trained in their work of cleaning the windows and they do their work efficiently and effectively.
  • After the window cleaning is done, the clients are provided with window cleaning tips which are beneficial to them.
  • Windows are prone to scratches and similar other damages and so, precautionary services are provided by the company as well.
  • The staffs are reliable and they have medical certificates which essential for commercial as well as industrial companies.
  • This company is known for  affordable pricing as they follow competitive pricing.


Except for all these features the company provides for Commercial Window CleaningResidential Window cleaning and industrial window cleaning.

  • Commercial window cleaning: Ashton and Co. provides for window cleaning in the commercial companies.
  • Residential window cleaning: Ashton and Co. provides for window cleaning in the residences of the clients.
  • Industrial window cleaning: This Company provides for window cleaning in the industrial companies as well.


For each of the type window cleaning services different set of staffs are delegated. This is so because for each type of window cleaning different techniques and staffs with different criteria are needed who are expert in the specific field.


The main objective of the company is to increase their clients with maximum customer satisfaction and that is what exactly they are doing since 1982.


For best experience in window cleaning services it is recommended to contact none but Ashton and Co. they will respond to your call immediately you call them. They will also make your dream home into a clean habitat. You will surely love their services.