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Homes that do not have central heating and cooling systems that cater to most parts of the city have to depend on their own HVAC systems. These systems provide a lifeline during the torrid heat in the summer and the acute cold in winter. Surviving becomes almost impossible for the inhabitants of these houses without a fully working HVAC system. The job of maintaining and repairing these systems have been taken up by a few family-owned companies and others who have more than fifteen years of experience behind them.


Air-conditioning units are the main portion of an HVAC system. Their job is to cool down the ambient temperature inside the house so that people feel comfortable while going about their business. Different types of micro filters remove humidity, dust, bacteria, fungi, and other allergens from the air. Heat pumps circulate the cool fresh air through ducts and vents and send air to all corners of the house. It is the traditional form of equipment that is repaired and maintained by HVAC Repair Ocean City MD companies.


The latest trend of the HVAC Repair Georgetown DE companies dealing with the traditional HVAC systems has been the diversification into geothermal cooling systems. It is almost the same as the traditional concept with a slight variation. The cooling of air is not done by a condenser unit. Instead, a large loop consisting of pipes is planted a few feet inside the ground. When the outside air is at its hottest level, the air inside the building also gets heated up. The hot air is pumped through the loop in the ground which is much cooler than the air above the ground. The air gets cooled and is circulated throughout the house. It provides maximum efficiency for the whole system.


Just like the traditional air-conditioning systems, the heating systems maintained till now by HVAC Repair Rehoboth companies operated in a particular way. The heater and the heating elements raise the temperature of air inside the house. The heated air is circulated through different portions of the house with the help of pumps or blowers, ducts and vents. The cold air remaining in the rooms is sucked out by pumps and sent through the heater to make it warmer.  A large amount of energy is spent to bring the temperature up to a comfortable level. The traditional concept of heating with an HVAC system has now been replaced by the entirely new concept called geothermal heating.


Similar to geothermal heating, the air is pumped through a loop of pipes planted deep in the ground. When the air is extremely cold in winter, the ground remains comparatively warm. The cold air inside the house is pumped through the loop and becomes warmer due to the transfer of heat from the warm ground to the cold air. Heat pumps located inside the house collect the warm air and circulate it through the house raising the ambient temperature. It has been found that the efficiency of the system can range from 400 to 600 percent whereas the efficiency of a gas burning heater can at most be about 98 percent.