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The Various Historical


The tourism industry is one of the biggest industries that operate in the city of Cape Town. It is such a place which is visited by more than thousands people, each year. The tourism industry of this place is constructed in a very well structured manner. The city has many places where people can visit. Also, it has options for an array of activities. This place has a rich history which is quite delicately preserved. In your tour, you will love to sneak a peak of the various historic places. Let’s take a look at what the historical places which you can explore.


The castle

Well, the castle of good hope is one of the most famous historical tourist attractions of the place. This castle has an immense historical important. It was erected around the year of 1666 to 1670. The building was constructed by Dutch East India Company. This is the oldest existing building in the entire country of South Africa. The design of this building is an architectural artwork. It has the perfectly blended design of the medieval period and that of the architecture of 17th century. You can easily get a Cape Town Accommodation near this castle to have its tour and relive the history.


Rooben Island

Cape Town has playeda crucial role during the fight for existence. There are thus various historical evidences which have been scattered all over the place. One of such is that of Robben Island. This island is famous because of the fact that there is a prison here. This prison is an infamous one as here leaders like nelson Mandela and other political prisoners were kept. Here, you will be able to pay a visit to the museum which bores the evidences of the freedom movement of African people. You can also take a tour around the prison to understand the hardship of the people. This place is a World Heritage Site and there are various Guesthouse in Cape Town around it.


Buyel'Embo Village

This village is another evidence of rich history of Africa. This village has been specially restored and maintained. It is such which tells the tourists about the culture of Africa. It also provides the travelers with insight about the origin of the people of Africa. Here, one can come across the various traditions and cultures which are an integral part of African Lifestyle. Also, here you will learn about heart touching music from the soil of Africa. Other than that, there are plenty of options to enjoy the local art and craft. In this village, you can also take a dip in the local cuisines and enjoy the flavors. There is B&B in Cape Town here for the tourists to explore the village in a deeper way.


Wrapping up

There are several other historical places where you can pay a visit to explore the place. This place was a Dutch colony and thus you will come across a lot of old historical buildings which have the Dutch influence in them. Each of the tourist spot is well connected with the city. They have well maintained communication network. You will also get Cape Town Hotel near the tourist attractions. It is time to set your bag and explore the history of Cape Town.