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Party Entertainer

How to put bring back life to a party? Simple enough get a jumping castle hire.

Jumping castles, Cape Townis one of a kind mainly aimed for making any event as exciting and joyous as possible. In Cape Town, one can find the service of any renowned company supplying jumping castles including free service delivery in five kilometers. The companies generally, set up and collect up to make sure that your event is hassle free and comfortably convenient for you. Depending on the location, the charges vary after five kilometers, there are certain limitations though. Again, the services are blocked on public holidays or on other holidays, for which you need to contact the individual companies.


Some things you have to know before you select jumping castles for rent-


  • The companies tend to be family based concerns and stick to normal business hours.
  • Adults are not allowed on the jumping castles – And, most or rather all the companies do not stock adult castles
  • The jumping castle prices mentioned on the sites for jumping castle/s are for normal domestic usage. And if needed to be used for commercial purposes like fetes, concerts, or events etc. the price is reasonably higher. This is because of more wear and tear and also breakages
  • Excluding water slides, water in any form are not used on the castles
  • The companies do not allow collections!
  • A castle delivering company has the right to cancel a delivery if they feel that the weather condition, like in case of a rainy day, is harmful for the castle
  • The castle companies do not usually supply generators
  • Also the castle companies refuse to lift castles over the walls under any sort of circumstances


It is the responsibility of the customers to make sure that the property space is big enough to keep a castle. In case of incorrect measurements, delivery will be inevitably blocked or charged more. Generally, 115m extension lead is offered per castle.


Wide ranges of castles are provided to make your kid’s party a memorable one. Slide Castles, House castles, slide house, alligator, mr. crocodile, three in one castle, standard castles, ben ten castles, princess castles, Spiderman castles come in colorful and appealing shapes and are bound to impress the kids.


The jumping castles are set to go on the grass, paving, and also floors. However, it is unethical to place the jumping castles on sand. Helium balloons may or may not be provided. A groundsheet is more or less always supplied if the surface is anything rather than grass.


And, if you are wondering how many kids can jump on a castle at a time, then generally for exceptional ones, the number varies between 6-8 but it can have 12 kids jumping on it. But, if the same sizes of children are jumping then it avoids injuries and become more enjoyable.

Please remember to keep shoes, any sharp object, food, streamers and poppers, face paints etc. away from jumping castles as these stain the vinyl. Please ensure all the children’s faces are absolutely dry prior to starting to jump on the jumping castles.

Happy Jumping!!