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Responsible Tourism

The Responsible Tourism

Is Helping

In Changing

The Face Of Tourism

In Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most visited tourist spots in the whole world. The urge to create a better tourist environment is thus on the priority list of the governing members, of the place. They try each and every way to enhance the whole aspect of tourism. Such an initiative is that of the responsible tourism. This initiative aims at creating such an environment which promotes a better scope for tourism and also for the local people. This initiative was introduced in the year 2002, and since then it has been followed in Cape Town. This initiative has changed the scenario of tourism in Cape Town in a positive manner.


The basic goals

The responsible tourism decreases the negative impact on the economy. It also sees to it that the industry of tourism doesn’t have any bad impact on the environment. Along with that, the social impact of tourism is also taken care of in a proper way. This scheme helps in generating benefits for enhancing the prospect of the economy. The aspect of the economy is enhanced in such a manner, that the well-being of local people is taken care of for being a proper host community. As part of this, the concept of Guesthouse in Cape Town has evolved. It helps in providing a stable income source for local people. In the guesthouse concept, the local people can rent their spare houses to the guests.


The advantages for the country

Well, this initiative also aims at bringing a change in the working condition of the people in relation to the tourism industry, in Cape Town. It helps in making those decisions, which have a positive effect in the lives of the local people. That is why the aspect of B&B in Cape Town is also encouraged. Other than that, the conservation of natural resources plays a major role in this whole concept. The aspect of culture and heritage of Cape Town is paid special attention to and every kind of step is taken to ensure that they are properly maintained.


Benefits for the students

The initiative of responsible tourism is not only for the betterment of the local people. It also aims at providing the best kind of tourism experience, to the guest visiting the place. The experience that the tourists get becomes enjoyable. They are provided with an in-depth knowledge about the local environment. This helps the tourists to connect to the people in a proper manner. This also enhances the aspect of respect of the tourists for local culture and heritage. This helps the travelers to embrace the diversity of Cape Town in a proper manner. Among the initiative the cultural shows in Cape Town Guesthouse is also organized.


For betterment

The aspect of responsible tourism is strengthened by publishing a handbook for maintaining this aspect. The handbook helps the local people to establish the aspect of responsible tourism in such a manner that it proves beneficial for them, and also for the tourists visiting the place. There have been various projects which have been started in the state of Cape Town. This kind of tourism also helps in enhancing the economic condition of the poor people of the place. So, whether it is booking of the Cape Town Hotel or visiting of a tourist attraction, all are part of responsible tourism.