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In recent years ice has become one of the popular medium that helps to promote brands and use widely in any events or parties. Ice can be used in many ways; it can be used to create ICE Designs, ICE Logos, and ice sculptures with a particular theme or create any brand name on ice bars. In addition to this one may be interested on making ice glasses to inspire teambuilding. There are several choices available for Ice sculptures wherefrom you can choose suitable sculptures for your Ice Parties.


Foranybirthday party animal sculptures are most popular and other available popular Ice sculptures are themed sculpture corporate sculptures food sculpture and drinks sculpture. Themed parties are excellent innovative ideas and themed Ice sculptures add some extra zing to the special occasion.It offers wide verity of interesting designs including seventies dancers with funky dresses, vehicles of James Bond, Halloween Witches and even Oscars where from you can choose your favorite one that match with your themed party.


If you are going to arrange the largest birthday party or looking for very special show stopper for any other events such as retirement party, engagement party, cocktail party, hen night, office party, bar mitzvah wedding party or any other special events, use of Ice Art will surely make your party memorable. For ice parties superior quality ice blocks as well as a wide range of specialist tools are used to create awesome ice sculptures so that it can enhance the aesthetic sense of your party idea. All the sculptures are created either in freezer or live on program site. This is the latest addition to the party culture to give your party some magical touch and give your guests some feeling of thrilling so that they talk about this unusual creation even if the party is over.


Now a day ICE Designs have become an innovative tool for corporate branding and play an important role to promote themed design or corporate logo using hand-crafted and chiseled ice. Corporate branding is the most crucial part of any corporate identity campaign and is the most effective medium to enhance the brand exposure. Therefore corporate professionals have introduced an innovative idea to make their branding and promotions unforgettable to the target audience. They have introduced unique, noteworthy and original branding strategies via ICE Logos emblazoned with name of the company; hence, it will exist in their audience’s mind for long time even the event is over.


An expert sculptor is able to create lucrative, unique Ice Art that will be successful to draw the attention of audiences, home customers, shareholders and any other person whom you want to impress. Therefore, these Ice designs ideas aremorepopularlyused in media events, corporate functions, product promotions and new product launches or any other event. They are also expert in creating top quality, outstanding ice logosfor perfect corporate branding. You can also arrange live Ice Art programme with some arrangement of welcome drinks for your special guests. They will enjoy the skillful carve of the ice masters and can experience branded masterpiece by hand.