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Bokashi System


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Worm Composting


Worm Factory

The Worm Factory is a factory, which makes the composting of the household garbage as easy as possible.


Who likes to have a home stinking of garbage? But we can’t fling the sack of garbage just anywhere to get rid of it. That is a menace to the society and the environment. So what to do with all the garbage that accumulates in every household? We need to think of the best alternative which will be beneficial to us as well as the environment. This is where this company come into the picture. They will help you to come out from all the botheration.


The Worm Factory provides all the clients with the beneficial services of organic composting and worm composting. The speciality of this composting company is that it also facilitates the use of Bokashi System.


Worm Composting: Vegetable wastes take years to disintegrate properly. With the help of worm composting, these wastes can be disintegrated within a span of a few months. The worms recruited for such work, work as small factories. Such factories formed by the worms are defined by the worm trays which are provided by the company to the clients. The clients have to ensure that these worms get enough food. But obviously they don’t need to prepare special dishes for the worms. They need to recycle every last bit of the wastage. The maintenance for the procedure of worm composting is minimal. This procedure is free from any kind of odour. Worm Composting converts all the wastages into natural fertilisers. Black Multi-tray composter and Red wrigglers are the product categories in Worm composting.


Bokashi Composting: Bokashi composting is a special kind of composting of garbage which is facilitated by The Worm Factory. Bokashi composting is an easy method of composting the kitchen garbage in an odourless manner. It breaks up the wastages more quickly. Difficult wastages like meat wastages are efficiently and quickly composted under this system of composting. The term Bokashi comes from the Japanese term which means fermented organic substance. It is a quick and easy way of composting the wastages accumulated in the kitchen, garage or any part of the apartment within two weeks. This system of composting uses selected crew of microorganisms to ferment these wastages. After the work of composting is over, what is left behind is a finished product having a lovely odour.


This composting is perfect for people having no regular waste bins.

Organic composting: The Organic Composting is facilitated by The Worm Factory. By this method the wastages in the gardens and kitchens are duly composted.


The benefits of this company are:-

  • All year round production
  • The operation provided by the company is odour free.
  • Trays provided
  • Gives an instruction manual
  • Can house up to 40000 worms in the company


If in need of any easy method of composting, The Worm Factory is your go to guide as it is one of the best composting companies. They will help you out any sort of problem regarding your home garbage disposal.