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Bokashi system

Make Your House

Free From Bad Odors Of

Kitchen With

Bokashi System

Your first step towards living a healthy and sustainable life can be started with Bokashi system. The system originated in Japan when farmers used to practice it to increase the fertility of their land. You can also do it for you small garden or the few trees you have placed in your balcony.


What is Bokashi System

Bokashi is one of the various methods of making compost. Compost is the decomposed and recycled form of an organic matter which is a key ingredient for organic firming. Organic matters like leaves, vegetables, and food wastes are left to be decomposed for months. The anaerobic bacteria and fungi slowly break downs their complex chemical structure and help to convert it into soil. This soil is rich in nitrogen, carbon and ammonia which are essential food of plants. Oxygen, nitrogen, Carbon dioxide and water are important ingredients of decomposition process this process reverts back the nitrogen, present in air, into the soil and completes the nitrogen cycle.


Implement Bokashi System In your House

Many companies sell microorganisms required forBokashi system. They offer worms which will decompose your day to day organic wastes into fertile organic manure. A special tray or big can is needed where worms will be placed with household organic wastes (but not urine or stool) to ferment. Application of water and by occasional moving the matter inside the wastes will be recycled into soil. With these microorganisms decomposing becomes an odorless process and leaves your house clean. Apply that soil in your garden and get rewarded with healthy plans.


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