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Important Facts & Figures About Electrical Inspections Cape Town

In Cape Town, you cannot buy or sell a house without having compliance certificates. These certificates are intended to prove that you (and the house in question) follow the city’s codes in certain areas.

One of our company’s services is to conduct electrical inspections in Cape Town and provide you with an electric compliance certificate to prove that your electrical installation meets South African standards. A Certificate of Electrical Compliance is necessary in Cape Town to prove the property’s electrical installation is safe. If there is ever an electrical fault and your property is damaged, you’re your insurance company will request a valid electrical certificate. Without an ECOC, insurance companies may refuse your claim. This is why you need us to conduct electrical inspections Cape Town houses and buildings.

Owing to new changes in the law, buyers of new property also need to have a new compliance certificate drawn up. It is generally considered advisable that you conduct an electrical certificated cape town  houses, buildings and structures every two years, whether or not you are intending to sell the property. This ensures that your electrical installation is safe during your ownership of the property. If you are renting out your property, it is necessary to possess a valid Landlord Certificate and also to provide a copy of the certificate to the tenant. Properties should not be rented out unless the landlord has a valid compliance certificate. Rental agents are also required to view the ECOC before they may help with securing a tenant. As fully licensed electricians we can help you by undertaking an electrical inspection of your Cape Town home or office and making an electrical certificate for you.

The law requires that when a property is sold, an inspection of the house’s plumbing must be done to make sure that it conforms to the National Building Regulations. We can conduct a plumbing inspection in Cape Town houses and offices and issue you with a Certificate of Compliance if your plumbing is up to code. In conducting our plumbing inspections in Cape Town buildings, we check amongst other things that there are no leaks on the property and that the storm water drainage is sufficient and is not connected to the sewage system. Other aspects of our plumbing inspection in Cape Town buildings include checking that the house’s water meter functions properly, that the geyser installation is according to SANS 10254 standard and that the general plumbing conforms to code.

Our beetle inspections in Cape Town focus on the examination of accessible timber in immovable properties for wood-destroying insect infestation. It is important to note that our beetle inspections in Cape Town are aimed specifically at wood destroying organisms that can weaken the structure and not to be confused with general pest control which treats rodents, cockroaches, fleas etc. You also require a certificate of compliance which we can provide after extensive beetle inspections Cape Town homes and offices.

Beyond serving as legal requirements, these certificates of compliance actually prove that your home is safe for you and your family, so get an inspection today.