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Important Facts & Figures About Household Removals Cape Town

Planning a household removal in Cape Town or any other city can be a traumatic and expensive experience. The same goes for office removals in Cape Town or any type of movement for that matter. Because of this and many more reasons, it is necessary that you select the right company to handle your furniture removals in Cape Town. We offer great services at extremely competitive prices.

When you look at the monetary cost of hiring us for your household removals in Cape Town, you might be tempted to do it yourself; you might even consider hiring a truck and doing the complete removal. This can be money saving but it is also one fraught with danger. If you have some heavy items particularly refrigerators and washing machines, as well as large or heavy pieces of furniture, it can be risky to attempt to move these yourself. Any mishap can result in your property being damaged and the money you save on the removal will be more than offset with the expense of having to replace damaged goods. Remember, insurance may not cover self removals and this places you at an even greater risk. Our prices and packages are a good deal and it guarantees you peace of mind that comes with have us in charge of your furniture removals in Cape Town and beyond.

To help us serve you better in the handling your office removals Cape Town as well as reduce the cost you will bear, you can do the packing yourself. This means purchasing all the boxes, wrapping paper and packaging tape yourself and having everything ready for us to simply come in and take the boxes from your house. However, if you do not have the time to do all these, we can handle it in the process of your household removals Cape Town. You can also reduce the amount of time it will take us (and by extension the cost to you)  by clearly labeling every box so that it can be placed in the appropriate room in your new home. It is easy to colour code boxes or clearly label them with large print stickers so there is no doubt in our staff’s  mind as to where they are to be located. If you are on hand at your new house you can easily assist our eager staff by telling them where to place each box in your new house too.

Although you may be tempted to handle all your furniture removals in Cape Town on your own, our professional advice is that you don’t. You simply do not have the experience and skill to ensure that your properties survive the household or office removals in Cape Town unscathed. We, on the other hand, have the requisite skill, experience and wherewithal to move your belongings without damaging them. We have built a solid reputation for furniture removals Cape Town and our prices are highly competitive. Don’t risk damaging your precious belongings, give us a call today.