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Built in cupboards Cape Town

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JLM Carpentry Company is one of the best companies in the matters of carpentry. This company is mainly specialized in the works of shop fitting but the company has extended its work ability. They have started specializing in kitchen designing, built in cupboards, bedroom cupboards and many more. The company prides itself on its best staff and employees. The workers of the company are well experienced and exercise enough expertise in their work. The materials used by the company though are according to the choices of the clients but we suggest the best materials for the fittings in kitchen, bedrooms, shop fittings etc.


The company gives full customer satisfaction by working according to the wishes and choices of the clients. The company also gives their own inputs and suggestions for the best experience of the clients in fittings in their homes and shops.


The clients do not need to worry about the address of the company as JLM Carpentry provides with the services throughout Cape Town as the services of the company are not area bounded.


The services to be facilitated by JLM Carpentry are as follows:-

  • Built in cupboards: Built in cupboards Cape Town are quite popular as these are the most useful and important feature required by homes and other places. These help to save space in the apartment and accommodate better storage space. The materials required to build the built in cupboards Cape Town are to be decided by the clients but the company gives suggestions and does not want to compromise on the quality of materials. The company uses best quality wood for built in cupboards Cape Town specially plywood. The materials used are of high quality, strong and polished
  • Kitchen design: The Company has also extended its work specialization towards kitchen design Cape Town. We first as an initial step assess the kitchen area of the house of the client and get an idea about where to place the contents of the kitchen like fridge, cupboards etc. The kitchen design Cape Town provides modular kitchen designing for the kitchen of the clients.
  • Bedroom cupboards: The cupboards provided in the bedroom cupboards Cape Town are the beds in the form of cupboards which saves space and makes the apartment look swanky and beautiful. The bedroom cupboards are made with the help of high quality materials which are strong, sturdy and have longevity.


JLM Carpentry is a company which is very reliable as quoted by its clients. It makes the work of fittings and home designing much easier and convenient for the clients. The efficient workmanship of the staff makes this company worth reliable.