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Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping:

Holding It Together For

The Best Out Come

It is usually produced from scrap steel available in various widths and thickness. It is a flexible flat material, most commonly made from steel or various metals and plastics.  It is cold rolled high manganese and medium carbon Steel packaging.  It has an excellent shock resistance, high strength, fine surface and good physical properties. Strapping is normally used in the packaging and shipment industry for the goods and products that travel by rail, road, sea and air.


There are many Steel Strapping tensioners and equipments available in the market based on the type of goods need to be strapped. Steel packaging is abrasion resistant and high joint efficiency when it is used with buckles. Steel packaging is used to reduce damage to the goods, bundling loads together for shipment, reinforcing crates and wooden boxes. At present it is the strongest strapping material available. Because of its minimal material stretch and high breaking strain makes it suitable for strapping heavy loads. No doubt Steel Strapping is bit costly but it is environment friendly as steel strap is completely recyclable and reusable. It retains its tension even in extreme climatic conditions and it can withstand rough handling of the goods and can easily bear heavy loads.


There are also some drawbacks of this packaging as it can cause injuries if not handled carefully and can be risky to use for inexperienced users. It stretches very little so it can also tear, scratch and rust the goods this is the reason why it is not recommended for the goods with exposed pain but then there is nothing which can hold heavy loads better than Steel packaging.