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Post Occupational Cleaning Johannesburg

Post Occupational

Cleaning Johannesburg:

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To avoid unwanted tension and chaos while shifting to your new home or office space, it is advisable to hire the help of a post occupational cleaning expert. These groups of people are specialized in the cleaning of showrooms, offices and homes prior to post occupation or to be occupied. They would help you in cleaning the kitchens, bathrooms, cupboards, walls, floors, stoves, sinks, ovens, windows and cleaning of all other soft furnishings. This would ensure all your old stuff look brand new and will be all prepped up to move to your new home or office space.


The team of professionals who offer Post Occupational Cleaning Johannesburg would visit your home or office and would access all the space which requires cleaning. Then a cleaning team would visit and ensure all your hard surfaces are clean and then again a team for cleaning all the soft furnishing would visit and help in cleaning of all carpets, curtains, window blinds, upholstery, etc. If need be the curtains would be taken down from their spot and be cleaned in a factory and will be put back in their spot either in your home or office.


The stages of Post Occupational Cleaning Johannesburg include an onsite inspection – where the team looks for damage, fading, stains, and will also access on how much cleaning is required for a certain case. The next stage is cleaning – where all disposable stuff is removed and the entire area is vacuumed and dusted. Finally a last check is done to ensure nothing is left out and the place is spotlessly clean.