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travel to China

Why Should

You Learn


Before Visiting China?


If you are planning to visit China with family or friends and looking for a memorable vacation experience, you should consider the most important thing, which can make your journey comfortable.


LEARN CHINESE as- it is going to help you during your visit to China. As at most of the places in China, you’ll find that people cannot speak your language and won’t able to understand you, Hence, for better communication, smooth navigation, to explore the places, culture, people, market, rituals and many other things, you must pick up some basic Chinese beforehand. Ultimately, it will surely provide you feasible and more satisfying travel experience, which you never expected before.


The best place you can try visit and explore

If you are in China, then never miss out the best attractions, including- Great wall of China, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and Houhai in Beijing, the capital of China. Shanghai, Tianjin, Xi’an, Hangzhoua and Chengdu are also one of the best cities to travel in China and where you can get native Chinese tourist guides to show you around. As these tourist guides are locals and speak Chinese, learning Chinese is very crucial.


Also, don’t forget to try the sumptuous Chinese cuisine- Noodles, Dumplings, Shirmp dim sums, hot pot, peking duck and others. Be prepared to use chopsticks as you relish the Chinese food.


E-putonghua for your help...

One of the ways to learn Chinese before travel to China is to take classes from a Chinese language teacher at Eputonghua. The experienced and friendly native Chinese speakers of e-putonghua will- enhance the knowledge of the beginner learners and provide well-prepared road map to learn Mandarin Chinese FAST.


Try a Free 1-on-1 lesson online TODAY at and experience the nuances of Chinese language.