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Garden Maintenance Cape Town

A Garden Vision Guide -

Garden Maintenance,

Cape Town

If you have a beautiful garden at the front of your house, then you should definitely maintain it to make it more beautiful. The Garden Maintenance Cape Town includes all in-garden maintenance supply services of your garden, fulfilling your requirements. If you have been looking for quality service and reliability look no more, this garden services promises to provide you with excellent garden maintenance and servicing to help you get your dream garden. Garden maintenance services are offered in the Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs with easy access to the highways etc to reach the company/companies.


Garden servicing or landscaping means there needs to be lots of equipment. The equipment are always well maintained, upgraded, serviced and replaced at a regular interval. The mowers are cleaned on a daily basis to avoid carrying over weeds from one garden to the next. Mower blades are substituted with new ones on a regular basis whenever needed. Hence the services of the garden maintenance Cape Town are truly unparalleled.


The maintenance team consisting of permanent hard workers and needless to mention have been trained in their own line of work. The garden maintenance companies supply the staff protective clothing and train them to be owner supervised on your premises.


 The Services include:

  • Top Dressing the garden
  • Full maintenance of the garden, which is, mowing, trimming the edges and the flower beds.
  • Paving maintenance.
  • Pruning shrubs and roses.
  • Landscaping
  • Regular Clean ups in your garden.
  • Composting beds Book for Your garden Care
  • Tree trimming
  • Lawn edging
  • Managing gardens of the Private Estates
  • Pest Control
  • Plants and weed identifying
  • Trenching
  • Watering the pots
  • Weed control


Programs are all well designed, and consist of everything starting with a fortnightly mowing service, up to providing a full time gardener on site, definitely managed by experienced horticulturists or landscapers. The gardeners are again backed by professional teams who assist with the large scale works, permitting them time to tend to gardening purposes in general.


The garden vision scheme aims to offer the customers a total comprehensive range of excellent garden maintenance services to the array of customers including the residential homeowners, the corporate clients, the housing estates, and furthermore, larger private estates. All the garden maintenance demands will be effectively handled by the team of experts, allowing you enjoy even more and quality leisure time in beauty of the home’s green surrounding. For larger real estates, services for Landscaping Cape Town, is also provided.


These companies have a flexible approach that enables them to tailor make any recommended garden maintenance demand to perfectly meet your needs and those of your beloved garden.


Other than garden maintenance and landscaping services, the services of the company also include irrigation Cape Town. The irrigation systems can be residential or commercial. They can also be fully automated systems or manual systems. Irrigations systems not only keep water readily available for your garden all around the year, but also reduce the labor required and cost of maintaining your garden.