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Wine Farms Cape Town

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With The Wine Farms

Cape Town

The renowned wine land of Cape Town is the largest wine production region of South Africa. It is known as the Western Cape Province. The region is divided into six main wine regions, offering different tests of unique wines.


Elegant Wine farms

Amongst the wine regions, Stellenbosch, Constantia, Paarl, Roberstsonand wellington are the most popular wine zones. These geographic areas locally referred as the Boland. This means the uplands of Afrikaans. The well known Constantia Valley wine zone is between the mountains surrounding. It is the home land of some of the oldest wine estates of South Africa. Besides that, Stellenbosch wine region is one of the precious wine routes of this country. Taking the backdrop of the Franschhoek and Drakenstein mountains, this village consists thirty wine farms. Cape Town wine lands are one of the favourite travel destinations with their cultural landscape all around.


Awaited Destination:

You need just a half an hour journey outside Cape Town to catch the Cape vineyards. Here grapes are being cultivated from 1600s. Now this region is the largest wine making zone in South Africa. Wine Farms Cape Town is now enlisted under the wine tourism, which is the valuable part of South African culture. The large wine estates and the wineries offer the cosy accommodation, to enhance the wine tourism. Tourists are offered gourmet wine pairing and elaborate wine testing along with fine dining. You can enjoy all the steps of wine making with the local wine experts. The young generation of these regions are now exploring different aspects of wine processing melted with classic flavour.


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