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Matthew John San Giorgio
10 Parklands Main road, Parklands,
Cape Town,

021 557 1595


Ground Zero Paintball-

Adrenalin Shenanigans

Real Game

Paintball is simply a game during which players play in teams or individually, compete with each other to win the game by eliminating opponents. In such game opponents are tagged with capsules which contain water soluble dye and covered with a gelatin shell from outside which is commonly known as paint ball. This Paintball comes out from a paintball gun. The ingredients of Paintball are composed of a perishable, non-toxic, water soluble chemical compound. This sport is frequently organized at a sporting level internationally which involve worldwide tournaments, skilled groups, leagues, and players.


Paintball has become one of the most popular game as it offers an exciting experience to its Players and such types of exciting features are quite absent in other sports. This game can be played either in indoor, or outdoor with varying field sizes. A game field may be hard floors scattered with artificial or natural that players use for plan of action cowl. Although rules for enjoying paintball vary, however players will embody capture the flag, ammunition limits, elimination, offensive or defensive a selected point or space, or capturing the targeted objects which has kept hidden within the playing field. Depending on the nature of the games, it can be extended from seconds to hours, or perhaps days in state of affairs play.


The Ground Zero is the ideal venue of the many friendly score-settling spot where daily basis high-adrenalin shenanigans throw-down is performed, and also the likelihood to artistically alter the looks of a number of your friends or colleagues can be seen here. The field is found simply 15 minutes far from Shopping Centre Canal Walk and situated on a farm simply off the N7. It is the appropriate space for armed-artists who are allowed to run wild and interact with each other during a day of paint-splattered shenanigans.


Paintball based in Cape Town including two venues offers the following:

  • Hens & bachelorettes 
  • birthdays 
  • Dads & sons 
  • Stags
  • Corporate Events
  • & bachelors 
  • fun events & games 
  • Team Building 
  • End of term & school
  • Team challenge/clan matches 


All the safety instrumentation and paintball gear are also meant in a special manner so that youngsters and girls can participate. Social Sunday is that the weekly event that bring cheerful inventive assault between those who never met before. Person who desires to follow either their pot-shots or unharnessed some inhibited aggression by descending hot paint down on all and varied will show up and acquire their game out with instrumentation and the game is rented to those who come first. Then you can receive invitation to merely show up with a disciple or 9 and acquire in on the action with everybody else who are already outside the field. If you target your friends and pay the time pummeling either for your friend or enemy with explosive paint-pellets, it will be highly exciting for 3 hours adrenalin-fuelled artistic madness. But before participating you must be aware of your dress code. Although the paint could wash out, however in spite of however precocious of a sharpshooter you will be, you are about to get dirty.


The facilities it offers are:

• Shop

• Secure parking

• Braai facilities

• Ablutions

Paintball is a game that shows you reality!