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If you are interested in learning Chinese and about the Chinese culture, rituals and etiquettes, then this is the post for you.


Before the guests arrive, Chinese hosts usually make some important preparations, including- cleaning the house, setting the table with things such as tea pot, candy and dumplings. When the guests are seated, the first thing Chinese hosts do is serve tea, followed by dumplings. During the conversation, the host would ask questions about the guest’s life, work and many other things for better interaction and knowing more about the other person. They also ask about the guest’s personal life, like- about the spouse, kids and the place they reside in.


Guests also bring gifts for the hosts; it can be fruits, sweets or any other local products. Host accepts the gift but won’t open the gift in front of the guests. When guests are about to leave, hosts ask them not to leave and stay for more days. But, if guests have to leave, the host will accompany the guests to the main door, shake hands and say goodbye and see them off.


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