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There are many occasions when we look for short and overnight stay. This could be one of those days when you have come from a different place and you have an overnight flight to catch, so probably in this scenario checking into a luxury hotel doesn’t make much sense.


To match up these scenarios we have specific set of hotels known as the bed and breakfast accommodation in Cape Town. It might a small lodging which might provide only breakfast and other kind of meals might have to be bought from outside, or they might be available in the same hotel at premium charges. This is a very good option for travelers with limited budget, looking for a shorter stay, probably an overnight stay.


Let's review some of the facilities of the hotels in this category. There are some premium bed and breakfast accommodation in Cape Town available. Some of the hotels will have an eclectic mix of French, Indian, Cape Malay and African influence with modern ambience. Also, as a practice most of them serves Buffet Breakfast to their visitors who lodge as well. The rooms are elegantly decorated with elegantly decorated rooms with private bathrooms and beautiful views.


They are often equipped with TV, DVD Player and Wi-Fi. Some of them will have Tea & Coffee is available on the main deck, but it has to be availed on self-service basis, same goes for breakfast. This facility is a kind of add on apart from the other facilities which guests get. They also have an average chlorinated swimming pool for guests.