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DVT Socks


Foot health is an important part of your hygiene. Your legs support your weight, and any neglect can cause problems in movement. When you travel in an aeroplane, there are many complications that can arise from sitting in a same and compressed position. Deep Vein Thrombosis is also called economy class syndrome. The leg room in planes cannot be increased, but a proper care can ensure that you can fight the syndrome. It can be painful and potentially dangerous to form a blood clot in your feet, and right footwear can address the situation.


There are certain things that you should pack when you opt for air travel. A correct sock is one of them. There are dvt socks available in the market that ensures that your feet and legs are comfortable. The material fits perfectly and provides slow compression. It regulates blood flow and ensures that there is no clot formation. It reduces the discomfort that you get from long flight hours.


When you are not traveling, socks provide you the much-needed protection. A comfortable feeling under your feet is soothing. With the help of fluffy socks, you can enjoy the comfort of feather-like substance under your feet. The material absorbs the impact of your body weight when you walk. It provides a cushion to your feet and relieves you from heel pain. The best part is that they are beautiful and trendy. You can wear them with your favourite dress and pairs of sneakers. They come in all sizes and suits all.