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Kick Off Your Shoes And Kick Back – Constantia Has Arrived

Kick Off Your Shoes And Kick Back – Constantia Has Arrived

Tucked away behind the spectacular Table Mountain in Cape Town you will find the scenic and historical Constantia. This beautiful part of the larger Cape Town area is filled with gorgeous homes, parks, B&Bs and guesthouses. Many of the Constantia accommodation options are also leisurely situated in historical buildings, meaning you don’t even have to leave your Constantia guesthouse to experience the magic of the area. Whether you visit Cape Town for business or pleasure, you’re sure to find a perfect fit in Constantia.

Accommodation in Constantia is bound to be something special. From a guesthouse in Constantia to a quaint B&B in Constantia, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Depending on the purpose of your stay, you may prefer a B&B in Constantia over a glitzy hotel in the city centre. If your reason for visiting Cape Town is purely for work, don’t write Constantia off just yet. Accommodation in Constantia is an easy 30 minute drive to the city centre and all it has to offer, so you definitely won’t be missing out on any of that. When you travel for business, there are certain things that are simply non-negotiable in a Constantia guesthouse: internet facilities, a telephone and an easy drive to wherever you need to be, including the airport. All of these criteria can easily be met by either a guesthouse in Constantia, a Constantia B&B or any other accommodation in Constantia, with the airport being a smooth 30 minute drive away and most major businesses located in the nearby Cape Town city centre.

Whether you are looking for a constantia guesthouse or other Constantia accommodation for work or play, you need to be aware of certain essentials when booking accommodation in Constantia (and anywhere, for that matter.) Basics when looking for accommodation in Constantia include comfortable bedding, safe parking and good bathroom facilities. Look out for a guesthouse in Constantia that will offer you good quality linen and towels, as well as an air conditioner or a fan (especially when you visit during the summer). Also, when choosing a Constantia B&B, it might be beneficial to take note of whether or not the accommodation in Constantia is fitted with a pool, garden, library, breakfast facilities and a bar. Many of these things can be found in a Constantia guesthouse or other constantia accommodation, so don’t fret. It might seem redundant to point out, but when deciding on Constantia accommodation, don’t forget to take note of whether or not your Constantia guesthouse of choice offers you a hairdryer, coffee and tea making facilities as well as a fridge. These things might seem obvious, but you’re sure to miss them if they’re not present.

If you, like most visitors to Cape Town, wish to take in the local scenery then accommodation in constantia is perfect. Your guesthouse in Constantia will most probably offer you the service of making reservations at local attractions for you. This means that, while enjoying your stay at your Constantia guesthouse, you won’t need to worry about reserving your spot on a Cape Town tour bus or booking a table at one of the many great eateries the city has to offer. Constantia accommodation is ideally located near many world-class attractions. Whether you want to take a ride up the aerial cable car at Table Mountain or wish to lounge on the world-renowned beaches, your guesthouse in Constantia can offer you some good advice and assistance. Many of the b&b constantia choices in Constantia also offer you alternative choices of accommodation in Constantia – this means that, if you wish, you can be entirely independent in your accommodation in Constantia. Of course, you may prefer to have the luxuries offered by a Constantia B&B or a Constantia guesthouse. Whether you want the all-encompassing care of a Constantia guesthouse or the no-fuss self-catering option, the Constantia accommodation options have you covered.

Your stay in a guesthouse in Constantia can be tailored to suit your needs – with full room service and cleaning or an unobtrusive generosity. When travelling with children, you might need certain special touches – such as separate bedrooms, a bathtub, a safe and private garden as well as a swimming pool. No matter what your specifications, Constantia accommodation is diverse enough to be able to give you just what you need.  

Whether you choose to stay in a guesthouse in Constantia, a Constantia B&B, or in one of the multiple other Constantia accommodation options, there is something just for you – a place from which to explore this magnificent city as a true local.