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roller shutters

Different Kinds Of

Roller Shutters And

Their Usage

When greater security and privacy is required roller Shutters are the best option. These shutters provide absolute security of your home and business. Variety of shutters is available in the market. All you have to do is know your specific requirement.


What Roller Shutters are

These shutters are safer version of traditional doors and windows. It perfectly sits in the door and window position and provides a complete coverage. The shutter slat is kind of wavy and usually made of Aluminum and galvanized steel. As the name goes the roller shutter can be rolled up and down to open and shut the door or window. Two fitted glides hold the shutter and they also aids in its even movement. It acts as a shield against heat, cold and burglary.


Variety of Roller Shutters

There are various types of roller shutters in terms of quality. Some roller shutters are perforated so that visibility is there to keep business moving. Perforated slats are placed between solid slats. Industrial grill rolling shutters come handy where ventilation and security both is needed. Grill shutters protect the shop window and at the same time let people see through the shop. Transparent hightex shutters are made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate which permits natural light with security. Roller shutters can be motorized or manually driven. Manually driven spring operated shutters are made of high tensile spring where in motorized shutters a motor is used to raise and down the shutter.   


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