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Hair Restoration in Pakistan

Hair Restoration


PRP Role


Hair restoration is turning out to be a very successful procedure. There are different types of innovations that are taking place for improving the outcome of hair restoration procedures. PRP is one very productive method that has benefited the hair restoration treatment a lot. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is using regularly for hair loss treatment in Lahore at his clinic.


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a solution that is injectable and has been used in orthopedic medicines. PRP has been used for the treatment of delayed healing of the wounds and joint injuries. The hair restoration physicians have recently found that PRP is providing the best results to the hair transplantation. Platelet  Rich Plasma (PRP) is shaped by taking away a small quantity of blood from a patient. The blood is then separated into the cellular and fluid-like plasma components, a portion of the plasma is removed that is enriched with platelets and thus the sample is injected back into the patient. Through rapid spinning or centrifugation the blood is separated into its plasma and cellular components. During this rapid spinning the platelet enhanced plasma becomes naturally improved with the growth features, cell signaling molecules and anti-inflammatory components. These elements are the reason for the growth and healing properties in the PRP therapy for hair restoration in Pakistan and abroad.


Surgeons approach towards PRP

As the cellular growth and healing gets promoted with the PRP therapy, the researchers and surgeons have figured this out that PRP is an injectable solution for hair loss. But there are some contradiction in the surgeons approach. Many of the surgeons believe that PRP is not fully effective injectable treatment for hair loss. It is serving as a valuable purpose in the hair restoration surgery, but its role is twofold. Firstly, before implantation, PRP may serve out as a practical solution for the transplanted follicular unit grafts; and secondly the healing can become faster along with the better growth, when PRP is injected into the transplanted area after making the incisions.


The storage mediums of the grafts are a very sensitive aspect of the hair restoration process. Before placing the grafts into the scalp they are delicately removed and stored for a limited amount of time. The improper storage of the grafts can make them dry and malnourished, failing to grow when harvested in the scalp. For this purpose many physicians placed them in simple saline which might prevent desiccation. But the normal nutrients that the follicles receive from the natural blood supply are not present in these follicles. Thus to overcome this problem and guaranteeing the grafts to stay healthy, physicians are using PRP therapy as it contains the body’s natural plasma, growth aspects and other molecules which are necessary for healthy follicles.


Recovery from PRP

It is a typical uneventful recovery from PRP therapy as the pain is likely to manage in most cases and a non-narcotic analgesic medication like Ibuprofen is suggested. Mild swelling over the forehead for a few hours is likely to happen after the PRP therapy. Vigorous activities are likely to be avoided and washing the head normally after the injection is allowed. To get PRP plus hair transplant in Lahore call or visit us