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Important Facts & Figures About compliance certificates cape town

Plumbing service providers are not exactly held in the highest of esteem in today’s world and judging from precedent there is a very good reason for this. However, they are essential services that we all need so regardless of whether or not you like plumbers or even whether or not you’re handy with pipes yourself you’re going to need a trained plumber to help you. When selecting your plumber, you need to be careful so select Action Plumbing for the best services in Cape Town.

If you need quality geyser installations in Cape Town or you need to be issued with a Compliance certificate Cape Town so you can sell your property, Action Plumbing is the place to call. We are an extremely professional plumbing company focused entirely on delivering the highest quality to our clients. After years of experience in the Cape Town area for both domestic and industrial plumbing services, we have established a reputation, which we are justifiably proud of, for high customer service, efficiency and reliability.

Whether your need a compliance certificate in Cape Town or you need geyser installation Cape Town or the maintenance of all your plumbing facilities, we have highly qualified plumbers who are ready and willing to meet all your plumbing needs. With our 24 hours a day service schedule, you can rest assured that whatever the problem, whenever it occurs, our plumbers will be available to help you solve the problem the first time. No need for repeat consultations. Beyond their extensive training in plumbing, our highly trained plumbers are constantly kept up to date in technological trends. They keep themselves informed and armed with the offerings of modern technology in order to better serve your needs.

If you’ve ever gone plumber hunting then you have no doubt heard many promises about how great their services are but sadly a lot of plumbers do not actually live up to services. At Action Plumbing, we are the opposite. Instead of telling you how good we are and how great our services are, we show you. We have a standard and we live up to it by delivering and satisfying the client. Our plumbers are well trained and can solve any plumbing problem, whether it’s blocked drains, burst pipes or even just a casual routine drain inspection, our plumbers are there to help you.

Since 2011, it is impossible to sell a house in Cape Town without a plumbing compliance certificate, this is to ensure that the house is in line with the city’s policy on water wastage. It is also one of the services offered by Action Plumbing. Because the maintenance of plumbing is something that requires years of hard work and training (something all out plumbers have in spades) you should ensure that your plumbing is only handled by capable individuals the first time. All of our work is done according to SABS specifications and insurance claims are not turned away as Action Plumbing takes full responsibility for the jobs we do.