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Tracking devices

Use Tracking Devices

To Track The Location

Tracking devices allow the normal reality system to keep a track of the position and the orientation of an individual or a part of any instrument. Many interacting devices also include a tracking device of a different type which is in order to notice the position and the location of the individual or a part of the instrument for which the tracking device is used. Normally the tracking offices measure the position and the location of the material or individual at first. The information, which is found out through the help of the tracking device, makes the user's point of view more clearly in the modern world, and thus it helps to determine which part of the material or individual should be shown to the visual display. If the tracking device is attached with the hand of the individual, then it will measure the position and location of the hand. Based on this information, a person can be found out in the real world at the same position with respect to the person who is using the tracking device and gets a proper feedback, which is often important for the tremendous manipulation. There are different types of tracking devices. They are as following:


  • Mechanical tracking device – the mechanical tracking device helps to create the connection mechanically between the person and the tracker.
  • Electromagnetic tracking device– the electromagnetic tracking device measure the magnetic field between the tracker and the person.
  • Acoustic tracking device – the acoustic tracking device uses high frequency of sound waves to track the person.
  • Optical tracking device– the optical tracking devices are the recent modern world tracking devices, which have become very much popular in today’s world.


Through the thorough research of the tracking devices, there is seen that there are many different approaches, which have been tried, and of course everyone has their own positive sides and negative sides. All of these tracking devices are beneficial for some environments and works, and also it sometimes fail on others. Researchers for the tracking devices are still works to find out any other easier method to track the person who is in deep want and is missing. Nowadays the tracking devices are very much in need. If any member of the family is missing then with the help of the tracking device it will be easier to find out the missing person and then bring him or her back home. Similarly, missing cars and phones can be easily found out with the help of the tracking devices if used by the person.


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