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Fibc Discharging

Fibc Discharging

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Materials are delivered in many forms such as Road Transported Containers, FIBC’s (also known as Tote Sacks or Big-Bags), and varying weights / sizes of sacks and drums Aptech have proven designs which can be configured and optimised to integrate into any process.


The benefits of a successful design will lead to reduction in man-power and unit cost of materials along with improved yield, and safety with regard to ergonomics, manual handling and exposure to dusts.


Further integration of transfer equipment gives best overall throughput rate and reduced risk to interruption of downstream processes. All of the equipment summarised below can be integrated together in various combinations to suit the end user’s needs.


Transport Container Discharging On a number of projects we have undertaken the integration of container tipping facilities to introduce road transported material into processes. This requires knowledge of the variety of delivery methods and the ergonomics involved in the connection process.

FIBC Discharging A range of standard designs to suit free flowing non dusty materials to very cohesive and / or dusty / hazardous materials.


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