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Mandarin Chinese






Did you know that, most of the CEOs today are learning Chinese and opting for it as a second language? It is interesting to find out why they are doing so and what they are doing to learn Chinese?


Dealing with China for business has huge potential and can get high returns, because it is the largest economy in the world. Experts say that China market is creating an ideal time to invest good amount of money for better and constant returns. Besides, this, schools and colleges in most of the countries are motivating students to learn Chinese. Also, participating and qualifying for the HSK test can actually boost up your career in the business world.


Mandarin Chinese is the most popular and useful business language after English. Let’s check up some live statistics and know more about the importance of Chinese language. Here it is-


-Mandarin is spoken by 955 million people, the highest scored ranking of languages


-Spanish is next with 405 million speakers


-English is spoken by 260 million and so on...


So, if you haven’t tried learning Chinese then you must learn the world’s most commonly spoken language.


How to learn Chinese without visiting China?

Learning Chinese language for business in China would be a lot of fun, only if you hold up the hands of E-putonghua tutors. Tutors here are expert in teaching Mandarin Chinese, especially to those who have LITTLE or NO knowledge of Chinese. If you are busy in your life and want to learn Chinese, then waste no more time and directly join E-putonghua.