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Important Facts & Figures About Uniforms Cape Town

A key component of ensuring that any security force, whether government backed or private, will be taken serious and given the respect due to them is their dressing. Also, no security force can achieve their mission whatever it is, without the proper tools. This is why Ballistic Uniforms was set up. We ensure that you need for security uniforms in Cape Town as well as any other necessary uniforms Cape Town region are supplied.

As the one stop destination for procuring and supplying the needed security uniforms in Cape Town, we ensure that your security staff are empowered to do their jobs effectively. Beyond providing all the apparel that you need, Ballistic Uniforms helps to procure and deliver all the gadgets and devices that you may require, gadgets such as two way radios and so on. For two way radios Cape Town, Ballistic Uniforms has in its years in the industry, come to be the very best.

As a very firm believer in the quality of local products, over 85% of our suppliers are locals. However, to ensure that the final products are the best in the world, and because some of the necessary materials are simply unavailable locally, we import the rest of the materials. We also offer one of the most competitive pricing available in Cape Town today. Although our warehouse facilities are based in Cape Town, Ballistic Uniforms also has available by arrangement, facilities in Gauteng. This ensures that access to our tested and trusted products are not just local but national as well.

At Ballistic Uniforms and Apparel, we have a vast range of security uniforms, other uniforms, two way radios as well as other products readily available to you. This is because we believe that the customer should be able to get what they need at the first try. In keeping with our customer first, last and always policy, where we do not have the materials one needs in stock, we can usually get it supplied within 48 hours. We also offer a 4 week lead time for specially ordered woven merchandise and 2 weeks on knitted items subject to fabric and yarn availability.

Security uniforms, uniforms and two radios are not the only products we have on offer. We also carry a wide range of combat wear, overalls, work wear, padded jackets, rain wear, windbreakers,corporate wear, shoes , formal wear, safety boots, bullet proof wear, high visibility clothing,handcuffs, batons, general accessories as well asstationery. We also have an on site embroiderer as well as relationships with two Cape Town embroiderers, which we have built over a long period of time. This makes us able to register a high turnaround rate on embroideries, a rate which you will no doubt enjoy.

The quality of our badges and epaulettes are guaranteed and are of similar quality to the one in use by the government. This is because we share the same local manufacturer.

For 2 way radios in Cape Town, security uniforms Cape Town, other uniforms and other apparatus like base stations, unique vehicle and guarding tracking devices, projectors, public address systems and video conferencing products in Cape Town, you can’t go wrong by going Ballistic.