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The Coolest Thing On The Event Scene

When planning your function – from wedding to fundraiser – décor is important. With so many different décor options around, it can be overwhelming to choose one that fits your vision. A new trend has emerged in the décor world – ice designs. Using specialised tools and ice, skilled carvers are able to host ice parties for you and your guests, complete with customised ice logos.

Ice parties are ideal for functions in which you want to leave a lasting impression. Choose an ice parties specialist to create personalised ice designs for your wedding day or customised ice logos for your company launch. No matter what the function, ice parties are sure to get your guests talking. If you need personalised ice designs or customised ICE Logos, you could also choose to make use of a live ice sculpting performance by an ice parties hosting company. If you choose to make use of the live ice sculpting performance option, a specially trained ice carver will create your personalised ice designs or ice logos right there at your event – leaving your guests in awe!

Personalised ice designs are ideal for events such as weddings, anniversaries, 21st birthday parties or cocktail parties. Customised ice logos are perfect for corporate functions and corporate branding – such as the launch of a new product or company. Whether you want to wow the crowd or simply want a great photo opportunity, ice parties are the future of events décor. When choosing an ICE Parties hosting company to create your ice logos or ice designs, there are some things to look out for.

Look for a company that has skilled ice carvers and quality ice and equipment – you want your ice logos and ice designs to look good and last throughout your event. Choose a company that can custom-design your ice sculpture for your event – no matter how big or small. Ice designs and ice logos are the ideal marketing tools, ensuring that your brand is remembered. Ice parties are also perfect for weddings or birthday parties – offering you a unique option for table centrepieces.

Ice sculptures are great conversation starters and brilliant backgrounds for photos. Choose a company that can bring your unique vision to life – from a delicate swan to an in-your-face corporate logo. You want your ice designs or ice logos to bring out the best in your event. When choosing a company to ice up your party, it is good to know about the basics. The ice you find in your freezer won’t cut it as sculpting ice. A very specific type of ice is needed to produce quality ice sculptures – anything sub-par and you’ll be left with an unsightly eyesore. Just as important as the ice is the sculpting equipment: specialised tools are used in the sculpting process, ensuring precision and good details. Without it, your sculpture has no chance of turning out well. Finally, and very importantly, is the sculptor. Anyone can pick up a saw and start chopping away at a block of ice, but it takes a skilled artist to create and ice masterpiece. When choosing a company, ensure the sculptors are skilled and experienced – ask to see their portfolio and ensure they have some experience in your specific type of sculpture (it’s all good and well if the sculptor is brilliant at carving robust logos, but has never sculpted a delicate bird).

Ice parties are meant to be memorable, so don’t hesitate to take full control of your ice designs and ice logos. Most ice sculpting companies will assist you in the design process, while respecting your vision. Nearly anything can be turned into an ice sculpture – from a statue of the president to a company name. All you need to create a masterpiece is skill and creativity – ensure the company you choose has both.

When choosing a company to create your iced masterpieces, quality really is king. The average event lasts upwards of four hours and, in the South African heat, those are deadly numbers. Choosing a company with experience in ice sculpting will result in an ice sculpture that lasts throughout your event, rather than melting before your eyes. There are few things more heartbreaking than seeing an ice sculpture of a puppy disappear in front of a room full of guests.

Find a company that respects your vision and can add their own creativity and experience to the mix.