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Clear burglar bars

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Clear Burglar Bars

After spending plenty of money on your dream home people often gets upset about installing burglar bars. They have to compromise with the beauty of their house for the security. Amidst this situation the clear burglar bar is the most appropriate solution.


What is a Clear Burglar Bar

Clear burglar bars are actually transparent bars made from polycarbonates. Polycarbonates are mainly created to withstand high level pressure and impact. Its power of endurance can be measured from the fact that riot shields, bulletproof windows and canopies of fighter jets are made of it. The tensile breaking strength of some variety can be up to 3000kg’s that make it virtually unbreakable. The polycarbonate penetration power of Stones, hammer or bricks is absolutely zero.


Buying and Installing

The transparent Bars come with multiple options. They offer clear vision through the door. Some clear Burglar bars also come with UV protection which is quite an innovative and useful quality. It does not matter whether the window is made of steel or wood. Clear burglar bars can fit in both types. Before installing measures must be taken again and again so that the bar fits properly and burglar does get any chance to find a weak point in the window. While measuring inside edges should be measured in lieu of the whole window. Height and width should be measured from inside top to the inside bottom and inside left to the inside bottom right of the window frame respectively. As per the need customer may optimize the security of the bars.


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