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Spit Braai

The specialties of spit braai hire

Spit braai – it is basically a way of roasting meat. The meat can be of any animal especially the meat of a pig. Where the entire pig is kept on top of a fire where the stick enters the pig from its rear and then it comes out through its mouth. This is the way the pig is roasted on fire. It is braised like that until a specific tint of red covers the whole pig which indicates that the pig is perfectly cooked. This is what is known as spit braai.


Spit braai hire – there are many catering restaurants and sites which caters to the spit braai needs. People are entirely gaga over this type of roasts and barbeques. Hence the spit braai type is extremely famous. Now they have a wide option from which you will have to choose your type of braai. Hire of spit braai means either you can hire the catering services for spit braai due to any special occasional reason or you can even cater yourself with such delicious braai by contacting any of such services to help you with their menu of spit braai.


Spit braai Cape Town

Spit braai is basically a South African dish which is extremely famous in Cape Town itself, which is the reason why it is known as spit braai cape town. Their specialty lies with the way of its preparation. There is a lot going on with all the techniques involved with its preparation and it all makes it a very interesting meal to look forward to. People from all over the world travel to have this special dish of braai whenever they visit Cape Town but however, it is only a non vegetarian dish hence not all people can indulge in it.


Though the spit braai hire is quite a ruthless way of murdering a creature for our hunger it is not quite a decent scene as a whole. Many people may not be able to digest the scenic means of its preparation because it is entirely barbaric.


There is a whole lot of history behind the spit braai delicacy. This can be stated as that this was quite an ancient way of cooking meat which is still being carried on. It is more likely to be a legacy of the South Africans. Now that there are many huge restaurants only specializing in spit braai you can easily go to any of such restaurants and give yourself a braai eating treat. It has complimentary dishes along with it. But again that depends on who likes what. You will surely be given lots of choices and then it is up to you the kind you will like to feed yourself with.


Worldwide distribution

Since, these days the anything special from a particular place gets distributed elsewhere in the whole world as well. So you will get spit braai anywhere but it is guaranteed that nowhere it will be as good as the one in Cape Town.