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Proven Ways


Learn Chinese


Joining e-learning mode ad learning from native Chinese tutors is something that will provide you appropriate knowledge about Chinese. Not only this, you’ll able to get great materials- textbooks, listening contents and other things to improve your level.


What Beginners Can Opt?

You should start with learning basic common words and sentences. In this case, Chinese tutors can help you up in a better way and improve your tones and pronunciation.


Continuous Practice will provide you better outcomes. So listen to the native speaker’s word and repeat it all the time. Also, to make your roots strong, try to learn more basic sentences to improve your fluency.


Intermediate Level:

Learn and sing Chinese songs- For beginners Children’s songs or very easy songs will be a good option. Listen what song is playing, try to catch up and sing it all the time.


Keep a diary with you to note down important characters and if find difficulty can use pinyin.


You can also watch Chinese movies with Chinese subtitles for better listening, speaking and understanding.


Chatting is another good option, hence, once you get a qq number, do it instantly and you can also do chat using WECHAT.


Advanced Level:

Read Chinese- Reading newspaper, online articles and other things in Chinese will be a good option. Underline or write down new words or the words you don’ know still and add them to your vocabulary. Once you are done, read up the same again and try to learn them by heart.


Create Simple Monologues/ Speech- You can prepare simple speech on any topic and practice for framing sentences correctly, vocabulary and pronunciation. Make sure to choose interesting topic which you love and well aware with.


Listen- Another great suggestion is to try to listen Chinese at least 2 minutes a day on Radio. Once it finished, surely summarize the conversation in Chinese.


Learn Idioms- Have the list of idioms, check their meaning and proper context. For better learning again use your diary and learn once you get some time to recall what you’ve learnt. You can try to learn 5 idioms 5 per week.


If you are looking to learn Mandarin course, please drop an email or directly contact e-learning school for language- e-Putonghua.