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Exploring Cape Town From Within

Exploring Cape Town From Within

Cape Town is one of those magical places in which you get to experience a million things within a few minutes. Whether it’s the breathtaking mountain ranges or the exhilarating oceans, trendy shopping or craft beer. Cape Town offers you an abundance of activities, sights and experiences. With all this going around, you might feel overwhelmed at choosing a destination from which to explore this incredible part of the world. Well, dear traveller, look no further than Simons Town.

Simons Town is a scenic 30 minute drive from the city centre and offers some of the most awe-inspiring sights you could imagine. Accommodation in Simons Town is varied and offers visitors a vast choice of styles, locations and experiences. Many holiday-goers prefer a self-catering option, as this allows them the flexibility of taking charge of their stay. Simons Town offers a large variety of self-catering accommodation options. As with any destination, there are different options for different requirements and preferences. One of the things that should be a non-negotiable when staying in Simons Town is having a view of False Bay. Simons Town is located on the edge of False Bay, one of the most scenic parts of the Cape Peninsula. Here, visitors are treated to shark and whale sightings as well as up-close encounters with penguins and seals. Simons Town is also conveniently located to other attractions such as nature reserves – offering you some world-class hiking trails and picnic spots. 

When choosing accommodation Simons Town – whether you opt for self-catering or not – there are certain things that can contribute to your stay. Many self-catering accommodation options in Simons Town will offer you extra services that you might not have thought of. Since Simons Town is located so perfectly for a countless number of sights and activities, it might become overwhelming to make reservations for everything. It is for this exact reason, then, that many self-catering accommodation options will offer its guests the service of pre-booking certain activities for them. These activities, all of which are within a close drive of Simons Town, include wine tours; Cape Town bus tours; boat trips to view sharks, seals and penguins; trips to Robben Island; shark cage diving; cable-car trips up Table Mountain; helicopter trips; visits to the aquarium; and multiple shopping and dining destinations. Once reservations are taken care of, you might start worrying about transport. Fret no more, since most self-catering accommodation options in Simons Town will also arrange car hires or cab services, depending on your preference. If you wish to travel the old-fashioned way, you could also travel by train from Simons Town into Cape Town.

There’s no need to convince anyone that Simons Town offers an unparalleled amount of activities and adventures for young and old. Knowing which town to stay in is only half the struggle, however. The other half, of no less importance, is figuring out which self-catering accommodation option to choose. For obvious reasons you’d rather live in a self-catering accommodation option with a sea view than in some dingy place in a hole. With this prerequisite out of the way, it is important to also consider the finer details of the self-catering accommodation option that you choose in Simons Town. As is the case anywhere nowadays, secure parking is essential. When choosing your self-catering accommodation option in Simons Town, look out for places that offer you safe parking from which you can safely access your unit. On top of that, comfort is obviously important when choosing self-catering accommodation (in Simons Town and elsewhere). Ensure your self-catering accommodation option offers comfortable sleeping arrangements and other basic amenities such as comfortable seating and good bathrooms. These things might seem silly to you now, but there are few things worse than having to endure countless cold showers and uncomfortable nights. Many self catering Simons Town will offer you housekeeping services. This is greatly beneficial – who wants to spend their holiday washing dishes and making beds?!  On those days that you have a ton of activities planned and need to leave your self-catering accommodation unit at a specific time, many places will offer you a wake-up call service. This is also ideal if the reason for your stay in Simons Town is business. A very convenient offer would also be a pool at your self-catering accommodation unit. Although nowhere in Simons Town is particularly far from the beach, there are few things more enjoyable than sipping on a cold beer next to a peaceful pool right in your backyard.

Simons Town is the ideal destination for travellers – no matter what the reason for your stay; you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in this tranquil town. As far as accommodation and self-catering options in Simons Town go, rest assured that there will be something to suit your every need.