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Important Facts & Figures About Burglar Gates Cape Town

The safety and security of your home or business is an issue that cannot be over emphasized. With all your possessions and your very life on the line, it is important to ensure that you get as much security as you can. This is why most people get burglar bars and burglar gates Cape Town and other cities like it. This very crucial element of home security helps to protect your home, your business, and your possessions. When you need to put in burglar bars and burglar gates in Cape Town, Alu-Trellis is the place to be. With a wide range of steel as well as aluminium burglar bars, we offer some of the best protection available to you in Cape Town. All our steel Trellis bars are not only fixed, but also galvanized and power coated. You also have the option of fitting for a four-sided frame which will guarantee you extra security. The best part is that because they all come with a five year warranty, you know that when it comes to burglar gates Cape Town there is only one place to go to and that is Alu-Trellis.

Burglar gates are not the only thing that you need to make your home and place of business as secure as possible. A very essential element of home security is your security gate. This is why we offer the best slam lock security gates in the Cape town area. With competitive prices that will leave you stunned and a very helpful and professional staff, we provide you with high quality slam lock security gates that will guarantee your optimum security. The Alu-Trellis slam lock security gates are made from extremely high strength structural grade Aluminium alloy. This and other design strengths make the slam lock security gates a corrosion resistant one that will ensure that you remain safe in your home. The gate is powder coated in the popular range of Architectural Industry powders designed to match existing window and door installations. Because the design of our slam lock security gates are all aluminium, the gates have a very smooth sliding action that is aesthetically pleasing and amenable to everyday use. And because security is the watchword here, our slam lock security gates are designed to include the option of direct lock, providing instant security when needed.

Unlike other security gates, the Alu-Trellis slam lock security gate is made from material that is not only high quality but engineering grade. This means that the gates do not have the corrosion problems of other gates and it’s noise levels are extremely low when compared to other gates. Another reason for the low noise level are the nylon bottom guides which are reinforced with a structural grade aluminium rod thus increasing the strength of the gates.

The fabrication partners are trained to provide the highest quality in manufacturing and Installation. Our team of professional staff are always willing and able to provide you with all the assistance you need to secure your home and business.