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Important Facts & Figures About Spit Braai Supplier

When you have an event to host or plan, a lot of details run through your mind, like where to hold the event, who to invite, what theme, what to eat and things like that. Well, we can’t help you with some of those things but we can help you with one, what to serve at the event. Spit braai is the perfect answer. Spit braai is great to serve at your party or function for so many reasons.  The main reason is that spit braais extremely versatile.  Not only is a spit braai versatile way to serve up a good meal, but it can also be healthy, and accommodating for people with special dietary needs. And we are spit braai suppliers of repute.

First off, you might want to serve up food for a formal event such as a wedding, an anniversary, or a formal dance.   You might at first, feel that a spit braai is too low-key or casual, but this couldn't be further from the truth. In the course of our interaction as one of the foremost spit braai suppliers, we have come to realize that spit braais are great for every occasion.

Another great reason to serve spit braai is the versatility of the dish. You don't have to be confined to a lamb spit, or other common meats.  You could have any type of meat you want served up for your guests. This can be a great culinary adventure that will make people remember your event for years to come and the best part is you don’t have to go too far to find the spit braai you need, as spit braai suppliers, we can provide you with all you need.

Spit braais are an umbrella term for food that is prepared on the grill.  However, the food can be roasted, smoked, or prepared on the rotisserie.   Particularly with smoking and rotisserie, the meat will be juicy, and falling off the bone. Not only will the aroma of this meat drive your guest insane with desire, but the tender meat will easily pull off of the bone, and therefore stretch further amongst your guest. Of course, there will always be guests who have dietary considerations.  You can create a vegetarian meal around spit braai preparations.  Many fine recipes use vegetables such as portobello mushrooms.  Many cooks rave about its meaty texture and taste.  Tofu is a great meat substitute as well, and grills very well.  Some people might not be vegetarians, but might simply want to eat lean and healthy protein options. Fish and seafood are excellent spit braai choices.  They are quick and easy to cook up, retain an excellent flavor when grilled, and are low in fat. Spit braais are your best options so call on us, one of the best spit braai suppliers around today.

These are just some of the reasons why choosing spit braais is the best way to go and we can categorically say, as spit braai suppliers, that you cannot go wrong with a spit braai menu.