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UK visa requirements

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UK Visas is a renowned company dealing in Visas and immigration matters. Its team is composed of individuals who are vastly experienced in these matters and are wholly dedicated to catering to our clients' wants. This experience has helped us gain much knowledge and understanding, thereby, effortlessly delivering solutions to all cases presented here. We specialize in dealing with UK visa requirements, which is largely due to the nation's emergence as one of the leading educational, economic and trade centers of the world. We have made getting UK visa for south africans easier than ever before. Nonetheless, our officials are equally equipped in acquiring visas for you to travel to other countries.


UK Visas: Requirements and Information

Visitor Visas

  • Tourist/Family Visitor Visa: The citizens of some countries do not have to apply for UK visas to enter the UK as a visitor. But an individual, who is a "visa national" citizen must obtain a visitor visa before coming to the UK.
  • Business Visitor Visa: If individuals from visa national countries desire to come to the UK for business purposes, such as to hold conferences or sign a contract, they must file for a business visitor visa. This only permits a restricted range of business activities and no employment opportunities.


Study Visas

  • Tier 4 Student Visa: A single person may apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa may be as a kid student who are from the age of 4 year upwards or as a student who is adult provided that the course joined is a full-time course of minimum of 15 hours each week, with the ability of working part-time. For a valid application, the Tier 4 Student should be supported and upheld by their educational institution, which has to issue a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies for him or her at the time or before the application is made.


Family Visas

  • Spouse means husband or wife and Civil Partner that means same-sex married partner Visa: An individual who is either located in or outer the UK may file for a visa as the spouse or civil partner of an single person, who has either unlimited leave in the UK or British citizenship. They must previously be married at the time of the request. The visa will be issued for about 2 years and it entitles the holder of the visa to opportunities of employment.


Child Visa:

  • When both the parents of a minor child who is under the age of 18 years and is living outside the UK, have both unlimited permission to stay in the UK or British citizenship, the child can apply for a visa for unlimited permission in the UK. Even if only a single parent is existing and stable in the UK, then also it is generally possible.


Investor/Entrepreneur Visas

  • Tier 1 Investor Visa: This category is applicable to the main applicant and all his immediate family members, including spouse and children who are not adults. Initially, the visa is issued for a period of three years and four months but may be stretched for another two years, delivering evidence that an investment of £ 1 million or more was made in the country.


Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa: This visa scheme is for people who desire to establish a business in the UK or wish to invest in or collaborate in an existing venture. The applicant must initially show that they have £200,000 or more to invest in the venture.