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Matthew John San Giorgio
10 Parklands Main road, Parklands,
Cape Town,

021 557 1595

Packing Cape Town

Packing Cape Town

Offers A Full Service


Packing Solution

Packing involves just more than transporting your goods and belongings from one location to another. The perfect packing offered by the companies protect your moisture sensitive items by waterproofing them during the shipping or storage process and thus make sure it will reach the destination in the actual condition.


The Packing Cape Town offers a unique packing solution for your valuable cargo materials. The strong and safe packing protect your utensils from transporting damages. Anti-corrosive packaging materials are also available specifically for the conservation of valuable machinery and electrical parts at a nominal rate.


All packing is made according to the weight, fragility and size of the goods after considering the mode of transport and final destination. They offer a full range of packing services for break bulk, sea freight and air freight.


The perfect and quality packing helps to maintain a long term relationship with the satisfied customers. The experienced staff will handle the packing very carefully which exceeds the expectations of the customers in terms of service.


The Packing Cape Town services are very reliable and transparent. They are committed to the customers and provide intelligent packing solutions for your requirements. All the packaging done by here meets international standards in the quality and design. The charges are also affordable and nominal.


The customers can expect prompt response and efficient turnaround times from the service providers. You will also get the right advice to meet your needs and it helps to ensure that space needed for the cargo is optimized and it in turn reduces the shipping costs.