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guesthouse Milnerton

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Milnerton, the beautiful city adjacent to Cape Town, South Africa. It is renowned for its natural beauty, shimmering lagoons, shade of the Table Mountain, and the vast golf courses.


Travel destination:

Milnerton is one of the favourite destinations for the travel maniacs. As Milnerton is the oldest suburbs along with the northern Table Bay, it has all the hidden treasures to attract the world. It has all the cultured residential areas surrounded with shady avenues. Regarding the best experience in Merlinton, one should choose the best accommodation with fine dining including the best seasonal entertainments.


Choose the best to have the best

The luxury guest houses and the self catering accommodations of Merlinton provide the unique experience. Staying in a suburb area of Merlinton Ridge can take away you with the flavour of the popular beaches. The large Golf Course should be within the walking distance. The guesthouse Milnerton, offer the best service both for the national and the international guests. They are the best choice also for the private parties, social gatherings, and for the individuals too.


The guests prefer the rooms in the Milnerton Lagoon area. To accommodate and to decorate according to the client’s order, is the innovative part of the creative staffs of the guest houses. The customers can easily afford it, because it is cost effective too.


Nearest to the attractions:

Tourists always prefer to choose the guest houses nearest to the major attractions of Merlinton. Paddocks Centre, Canal Walk, grand West Casino, Ratanga Junction all are waiting to welcome wholeheartedly. Here, the luxury guest houses are renowned fro their presentation of delicious cuisine of all kinds.


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