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accommodation near CTICC

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CTICC: Get The Best

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The City Has On Offer

It is the second-most populous city in South Africa, after Johannesburg. The city is famous for its harbor, for its natural setting in the Cape floral kingdom, for Table Mountain. There are lots of tourists all over the world who visit this city on leisure and business trip.


Yes the guess is absolutely correct; we are talking about Cape Town. We will discuss about some of the accommodations located beside Cape Town International Convention Centre. It is popularly known as CTICC. This is a multi-purpose venue offers a comprehensive array of services, playing host to prominent global conferences, trade shows, concerts and celebrated stage productions.


Let us discuss about some of the accommodation near CTICC. There are loads of premium accommodations available in Cape Town. Most of them will have executive club rooms and deluxe rooms, with a world class restaurant attached to the hotels. As CTICC is filled with different kind of activities throughout the year, so there one can find accommodation near CTICC. The rooms are elegantly appointed, fully equipped spacious rooms, boasts spectacular views of adjacent mountains in the city. The list of facilities includes VIP Club room & business center, Fitness center, Waterfront Shuttle Center. Most of the hotels around are of premium nature and falls in 4 star category which suits high profile guests who visit CTICC round the year for various activities and programs. Al these hotels excel in providing a luxury experience for their guests. As most of them are located in an upscale part of the city, they have elegant ambience.