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Number Plates Cape Town

Number Plates Cape Town

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A number plate of the vehicles is very essential for any nation. It helps the people to identify the motor vehicle within the country or region of issue. It is affixed to back side and front of every vehicle exhibiting its registration number. They are usually made of either metal or plastic. Number plates are helpful in collection of vehicle taxes. Also, they are very useful in protecting and detecting the crime.


Every country or a state has a motor vehicle registering authority where every individual need to register their vehicle, in Cape Town this government body is called as the Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government where the citizens apply to get the registration number. Almost all the formalities happen online. Here, the vehicle owners can apply for special and personalized registration numbers.


Few vehicles’ Number Plates Cape Town have either one or 2 letters at its right which actually shows the province of registration like G for Government Vehicles, M indicates Military Vehicles, B- Police vehicles, WP for Western Cape Province, NC for Northern Cape Province and NW for North West. If there are no alphabets at the right side of the number plate, there will be an initial group which indicates the district of registration. Ex: CA indicates Cape Town district, BT for Bantu Trust Vehicles, CC for Kimberley, Cape Province and in similar fashion for all other states and districts.


In Cape Town anyone can have the number plate of their choice. Gone are the days when only rich and powerful people can get the personalized registration number. Any individual can check the availability of the number of his choice online and the Number Plates Cape Town will be his.