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Guesthouse Durbanville

Guesthouse Durbanville

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The Splash Green

Country Side

Whenever we have a plan in place for vacation, lots of ideas keep on circling around our head. Some of them might say to plan the vacation on sun kissed sand beaches while others might suggest to go to a blue mountains. And at the end it leaves us confused where to go. Whatever might be the case we are never short of holiday ideas.


We will discuss about a place called Durbanville, which might fit into our holiday plans due to its lush green countryside and its golden farms, producing wheat & wine. It is located in the Western Cape province of South Africa, part of the greater City of Cape Town metropolitan area. If one of us wants to enjoy peaceful country life after taking a break from the busy city life, then this could be the ideal place for vacation.


However to enjoy this place one has to look for a good Guesthouse Durbanville which can make the holiday not only memorable but also can entice you to visit the place second time. There are lots of standard options available for lodging and dinning which are good in terms of quality and provide professional services. However, if someone is looking for world class hotels or star category hotels then the person will be thoroughly disappointed since none is available there. However, midsize accommodations which are available in the form of the Guesthouse Durbanville, have elegant and beautiful structures and are located in the middle of wine estates, which bring the vacationer much closer to nature.