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how to learn chinese characters


Chinese Characters



Without Any Stress


Are you aware with the fact that there are around 50,000 Chinese characters to learn? Don’t be scared, you just need to learn 4000 Chinese characters which will enable you to understand the language easily with 100 percent proficiency in writing Chinese.


So, if you are supposed in diving to know the Chinese language, better concentrate on knowing the Characters, which are very crucial to know and to become expert in this domain.. If you are thinking how to learn chinese characters, you can start with initial level with some easy characters. Start with counting first. For eg- one two three four five Yi èr san sì wu (?????) and get in flow in the sequence that actually makes you feel easier to learn in compare to other language.


You should start with learning basic components, but don’t be confused and make sure you can easily differentiate the characters. If you are unable to do that, don’t move ahead until you don’t understand the characters completely.


Once you are done with the basic characters, then you can go ahead and try Characters based on their phonetic series. Approximately, 80 percent of the modern Chinese characters are created as per the Picto-phonetic method. They should be tried for improving the sound and radical component for knowing the meaning.


Once you are done with everything, no one can stop you from learning Chinese.


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