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Matthew John San Giorgio
10 Parklands Main road, Parklands,
Cape Town,

021 557 1595

Boutique Guest House In Cape Town

Boutique Guest House

In Cape Town:

Luxurious Facilities

At The Best Rates

A holiday trip is a welcome break which we always look for. The trip becomes more memorable if the destination is a beautiful one. One such place where one can go is Cape Town. It is the second-most populous city in South Africa, after Johannesburg. The city is famous for its harbor, for its natural setting in the Cape floral kingdom, for Table Mountain. There are lots of tourists all over the world who visit this city on leisure and business trip.


There are lots of Boutique Guest House In Cape Town, and we will check how they fare in terms of facilities. A guest house is a kind of lodging with bed and breakfast. Many Boutique Guest House In Cape Town are located on the slope of the mountains and provide a superior view from the hotel rooms. Their décor is themed on local artwork which is elegant and beautiful.


Each and every room is also equipped with private gardens, fireplaces, courtyard and balconies. The hosts of the facilities included by the hotels are a terrace overlooking the deck of a pool, Pamper Spa which offers a lot of different massage treatments and landscaped gardens, Sunset Drinks, library, Lazy Lounge and 5 Star Cuisines. Many boutique guest houses are also referred as boutique hotels as well, owing to the size of the property. One thing which can found in all the boutique guest houses is that, they will have a sea facing pool. The boutique guest house always acts as a source full of pleasure and relaxation, which is suitable for a longer stay.